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La Gumbo Ya Ya

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Love and Food

     Here at La Gumbo Ya Ya we believe in sharing our good fortune with others.  Thanks to your generosity, we never turn anyone away from our truck.  It's been a blessing that we have been able to feed people that are unable to pay.

     Our suspended meals are available to anyone who needs a smile, and although most of the time they go to someone who is homeless, often times it's someone that just doesn't have the cash to pay.  It could be a person that is still waiting on a paycheck, or perhaps someone that only has enough to buy one meal, but has an entire family to feed.

Here is how it works;

     You purchase a suspended meal for $5.00 and we mark that down as a prepaid meal for someone in need.  If/when someone comes to the truck that cannot pay, or maybe they just don't have enough, we give them what they want.  Unlike some places that offer this kind of service, we give them anything they want from our menu that day, and include a drink.  Your $5.00 may actually buy a $9.00 meal, and in some cases like our specialty items may even buy them something more expensive.  

    It is our mission to provide them with as much dignity as possible.  We do this by accepting anything they may want to pay, perhaps they only have $1.00 or sometimes less. No matter, they get the meal they want and sometimes we can tell you their story the next time you come to the truck.

     We call these recipients "Billies"  Billie was our Chef Willy's imaginary friend when he was young, and Billie is a reminder that the person before us is merely a reflection of ourselves.

     "Do unto others, as you would have them do to you".

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