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La Gumbo Ya Ya

Food Truck

Our Story...

 La Gumbo Ya Ya is Oklahoma City's premiere Cajun and Puerto Rican Food Truck. Chef Willy uses both family recipes and cooking techniques to bring flavors that are unmatched in love and authenticity.     
​ Both cuisines are inspired by three distinct cultures; Spanish, French, and African. Because of this the flavors pair amazingly.
Our Specialties
We started this journey last year in April and have the community of Oklahoma City to thank for our success. Visit our "Build" page to see where we started.

Our Team La Gumbo Ya Ya was started in April of 2013.
Chef William (Willy) Fontanez: Veteran of the United States Army, Youth Minister, and Nationally Recognized speaker/presenter.  Willy's passion for food and love of community make him a wonderful addition to the Oklahoma City Family.  Puerto Rican by birth, Willy grew up in Louisiana, New Orleans and Slidell, where he learned about the great flavors of the south, but always stayed in tune with his Caribbean Heritage.
Rachel Fontanez:  Co-Owner of La Gumbo Ya Ya, Rachel supports Willy in behind the scenes operations.  She also has a background in youth ministry and currently is a stay at home mom, but still does all the booking for both La Gumbo Ya Ya and Tornado Galley.
Gummi Beaux: The youngest working member of the La Gumbo Ya Ya. Always ready with a smile and some beads.
Baby Filé: The Cute face you will see. Not quite old enough to work yet, but she gets great tips.
Elijah and Gabbie Fontanez:  Willy and Rachel's oldest kids.  Sometimes you will see them taking orders or washing dishes.  They keep us young and remind us how old we are at the same time.

Join our Team.  We are currently accepting applications for multiple positions.  Click Here